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You should care about Valentine’s Day

I understand that a lot of people say Valentine’s Day is just a day made up to boost the economy and for Hallmark to sell more cards. Now that I have a business around baked goods, I find it necessary to take advantage of all the holidays. Whether they’re your standard holidays or more unique ones that are just fun to do (National Sticky Bun Day? Yeah, I’ll have a beer and cookie pairing that day FOR SURE), it’s a great way to get people involved in events and learn more about your company.


Valentine’s Day is a unique holiday. I’m excited for it this year for two main reasons. One, as I previously stated, is due to owning a business and who doesn’t want sweets on a Wednesday in the middle of February?! I’m partnering up with Bear Creek Distillery for a Cocktails and Cookies pairing that night and I’m excited because…. 1. I’m crafting these cookies specifically for Valentine’s Day. Think about heart shaped sugar cookie topped with Bear Creek frosting, cherry chocolate espresso, maple bacon……I can’t give all the pairings away but those are just a couple of hints. 2. I get to see people of all sorts come together. Boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives, boyfriends and boyfriends, girlfriends and girlfriends, moms and daughters, dads and sons, siblings, BFF’s, pretty much just anyone and everyone because who doesn’t love cookies and cocktails?! And 3. I get to make my boyfriend come out with me. You should come too!! Here, take a gander: Sweets For Your Sweet. Email me at to get tickets!

So the second reason I’m excited about Valentine’s Day this year is because I have a really great person in my life that is willing to skip going to a really fun hockey game to spend the night with me even though I’m WORKING. I don’t want a billion roses, a teddy bear and a fancy dinner for Valentine’s Day (can’t say I don’t want a box of chocolates though because I CAN’T STOP EATING CHOCOLATE). Someone tell that man! 😉

It is our first year together during Valentine’s Day, so of course I want to spend time with him and I’m so lucky that he wants to spend it with me too! I also have to mention that my dog has been super sick lately and knowing that since I’ve become a full time business owner, any chance of work I have, I kind of have to take it because bills don’t just stop existing when you own a business so my boyfriend has been so helpful in making sure my dog (who is basically his at this point, too, and sometimes I think my dog likes him more than me) is okay and not going to shit himself in his crate. Not everyone is willing to spend their days off with a sick dog instead of going out and partying.

I could say 400+ more words about the great things that this man has done for me, but I don’t want to make you too jealous so I’ll stop. Besides, this blog post is about Valentine’s Day…not how much love I have for someone special in my life.

That being said, celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s such a great day to make someone feel special no matter what level of relationship you are in with them. Shit, if I could I’d take my grandpa out for a fun Valentine’s night out!

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