Tomato cookies

The most unique cookie that I currently bake is a tomato cookie. I have so many people ask me what a tomato cookie is and it’s always way easier to explain than you’d think.

Cookies-7943When I first began developing the tomato cookie I had no idea what to expect. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be very good and I wouldn’t like it. I mean, tomatoes and cookies don’t really go hand in hand. I decided to still try and give it a shot, so I did and I’m so happy with the results. Now, it’s one of my most popular cookies (besides chocolate chip cookies n cream, but who doesn’t love chocolate?!).

So what is a tomato cookie? It’s simple. It’s just pureed tomato added into a dough that consists a lot of brown sugar and cinnamon. It has the texture of carrot cake with some earthy flavors to it. I add a vanilla frosting on top to add some more sweetness to it. It’s a great cookie if you’re looking for something unique and fun at your parties!

I’ve had a lot of fun trying new cookies every month. Sometimes they turn out perfectly and sometimes they’re something I’ll probably never make again. If you have any unique cookie ideas send them my way!