If my mom reads one thing today, I hope it’s this

Mother’s day is this Sunday, we all know that! I might be a little biased BUT my mom is actually THE BEST MOM. I don’t think she knows this even though I try to tell her whenever I can (or I at least tell her she’s my favorite mom…). So anyways, here’s a list of reasons why my mom is the best mom.

I hope I embarrass her.

  1. She gave birth to me. That could not have been easy, let’s be real!
  2. She gave birth to my brother. He’s older than me, so shit, that definitely could NOT have been easy!
  3. She raised two kids when she was pretty young. I have no idea what I’m doing with my own life, throw some other tiny humans in the mix and I’m supposed to teach them how to be a sustainable person?! Yeah, okay. I like to think that my brother and I are well-rounded citizens, and everyone always says that it’s how you were raised. Well, credit goes to the parents for that one. Thanks, mom and dad!
  4. No one else would listen to me bitch about student loans, jobs that suck, boys that are terrible, pets that won’t stop being animals, etc. This lady will do it. Even if she spent her morning locking her keys in her car.
  5. Nobody has ever supported me more than her. I can quickly and honestly say that she is my number one fan when it comes to Good Sugar Baking. When I first said “hey mom, I’m going to start this bakery and it’s going to be so cool!” she probably figured this was just another fun idea I have, but instead of saying that she 100% supported me. No questions asked, except maybe asking where her cookies are, just support.
  6. She went to every single one of my tennis matches. I loved tennis growing up. I don’t even think it mattered if I completely sucked, she was going to be there for every match. The same for every other sport I played. Or anything else, really. When I was super sick and had to have surgery twice on my tonsils she never left my side. She always fed me food (mac n cheese and ice cream, I really haven’t changed much), made sure I was comfortable and let me do whatever I wanted, which was basically watch The O.C. all the time.

Okay. I could really go on and on here, but I won’t because I don’t want anybody to try and steal my mom from me after reading about how great she is.

Sorry for the cheesy post, but I’m actually not sorry. I wish so badly that I could spend Mother’s Day with my mom. I also wish that every time I saw her I hugged her just a little longer. Mother’s Day should be every day, but that would get expensive.

Moms are the best, don’t you agree?