Gluten Free

You know how there are so many people who say they’re “gluten free” but then it turns out their tummy hurts after they eat too much mac n cheese? Here’s the thing. Nobody ever feels good if they eat any amount of mac n cheese. Sure, it makes you happy. But that’s because noodles and cheese are the best thing ever and so combined it’s just…pure happiness. Until you realize you just ate enough cheese for the next two weeks.

Anyways, I recently took the plunge into gluten free baking. And dairy free baking. And vegan baking. I realized that it’s really not hard (for some reason I thought it meant a lot of math, so I was terrified) it’s just expensive.

There are some secret tricks to cut the cost down, but that usually involves more ingredients and more steps and that’s actually basically just math again. Oh wait.

What it comes down to is the fact that I just hate math.

So instead of this post actually being about me hating on gluten free anything, I’m actually just hating on math. Math sucks, you guys.


I had to learn how to do math because growing up I was told that I wouldn’t have a calculator on me at all times, so I had to know how to do math. Yet here I am, with an iPhone that literally has a calculator on it, and I just wonder what other great things I could have been taught if my teachers knew that we would have calculators on us at all times.

Not to change topic or anything, but I did just make these gluten free chocolate cookies that are so damn good. It didn’t even take that much math.