Partnering with the good

Throughout the process of starting a small business I’ve come to realize that a lot of my friends are doing side projects that are really impressive. Nobody seems to talk about these things until all of a sudden it’s something that you could really use.

For instance, my good friend Nick has a production company, Loxodonta Productions. I have been aware of this since I’ve known him for the past three or so years, but I’ve never thought “man, I could really use a solid production company right now,” until I decided to do a Kickstarter project for Good Sugar Baking. Sure enough, Nick was the first person that I thought of because I knew that to be successful with Kickstarter you need to have a video.

Nick has an incredible background in film, from watching films and critiquing them to owning the equipment necessary to shoot some pretty cool stuff. I had helped him and his business partner with some marketing and SEO tips, hopefully benefitting them in some sort of way. So, when I texted Nick to ask if he’d be interested in helping me create a video for Kickstarter and other promotional events, he seemed excited and willing to help! I’ve always had an issue with asking people for help, especially when I can’t pay them what they’re worth, so it took some courage but I’m so glad I did it!! I’m sure Nick’s looking forward to some beer, cookies and shout outs coming his way too.

I’ve seen Loxodonta Productions release some amazing stuff and I’m excited to continue to watch them grow. My Kickstarter video is exactly what I was looking for and it was so fun to spend a morning surrounded by friends that wanted to help Good Sugar Baking!

I strongly encourage anybody that is looking for great production skills to reach out to Nick and Loxodonta Productions. Stay tuned for my Kickstarter video that will be released March 22nd! For those able to make it to the Kickstarter Kick-off Party, Good Sugar Baking is going to have plenty of treats for you!!

First Event Success!

I can’t thank everybody enough for making the first Good Sugar Baking event such a success. As someone who worries about everything to the tiniest detail, I learned a lot from this first event (bringing a bucket for the ice and milk would have been nice) and I can only improve!


HUGE thank you to the awesome people at Ratio Beerworks. Tristan was amazing in helping me schedule the event, providing some input and giving me all of the information that I needed. Shad was super nice in letting us in early in the morning to get set up. Thanks to them, we have an amazing background for the video footage, enjoyed some great beer and an overall wonderful setting. There’s a ton of reasons why I find myself there every week and it’s not just for the beer!

Without the skills and professionalism of my good friend, Nick with Loxodonta Productions, there would not have been any filming today. Or at least not of the high quality that he provides. Seriously you guys, I can’t wait to put this video together for all of you to see! It’s so fun to work with Nick.

Of course I’m so happy that Niki and Luke of The Dollhouse Thieves were so willing to provide us with really fun music! Thanks to them we had great sound (they provided all sound equipment) and everyone really enjoyed it.

Without all of the amazing supporters that showed up it would’ve looked pretty silly to film a band and me dancing to their music, without all of you none of this would have been such a great day! From having someone understand my excitement about this adventure so much that he willed himself out of bed extremely early after working continuous 16+ hour days, the beautiful flowers that my parents sent for me and the amazing feedback from everyone I couldn’t feel more confident and happy about all of this.

Be on the look out for more Kickstarter updates as we progress. After this fun party I don’t see why we wouldn’t all get together for another party to kickoff the Kickstarter, what do you all think?!?!

If you were able to make it to the event and haven’t filled out a survey yet, here’s the link: Survey Monkey

Let’s Party!

After previously debating whether Kickstarter was a good or bad idea, I came to the conclusion that it’s probably a great idea. That being said, let’s party!! Check it out:

Party for a Kickstarter Video!

February 19th, Good Sugar Baking is throwing a party at Ratio Beerworks to create a video for the Kickstarter page. There will be live music by my good friends, The Dollhouse Thieves, samples of cookies, and beer from Ratio. I’m really excited to be able to include my friends in this video. I’ve been going to Ratio for awhile because of their delicious beer, dog friendliness and how awesome the entire staff is. The Dollhouse Thieves are a kickass band that I’ve enjoyed hiking with, sharing beers with and dancing to music with. My good friend who has a production company, Loxodonta Productions, is going to make the video spectacular! Oh, AND everyone that comes for the party, thanks in advance for all of the incredible support. We’re definitely going to be very full after cookies and beer!

For anybody that can’t make it whether it’s because you live in Minnesota (damnit, mom and dad!), some other state that won’t let you come to Colorado on the 19th, or you already have plans, please be on the look out for the launch of the Kickstarter! I really do need all the support I can get and every dollar goes a long way! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to try the cookies out.

P.S. one of the first cookies you’ll get to try at the Kickstarter video event is already a favorite among the people 😉