What I learned from Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is a wonderful tool. I’ve seen so many become successful with their business because of Kickstarter and I’ve also seen people be able to pay their medical bills with Go Fund Me and other sources like that. It’s great how much these websites can help people out and I’m really grateful for them! Here are some things I learned from utilizing Kickstarter:

  1. Don’t worry about annoying people. This is something I did for the entire month that my campaign ran. Everytime I said, “hey check out my Kickstarter!” I thought eventually someone would be like “alright enough of that, shut up.” I never got that kind of response though. So many people were happy to check out what I was trying to get money for. A really well done video helps intrigue people too. Thanks, Loxodonta Productions!
  2. Plan events during your Kickstarter to promote the project. Having beer and cookie pairings and going to different locations to sample out cookies helped! Each event I gained a couple more pledges towards my Kickstarter (every dollar seriously does count) and my product got so much attention all around.
  3. Look high and low for people that might want to give you money. I reached out to other baker’s blogs, food trucks, breweries, cafes, friends that I lost touch with, teachers, family, everyone. You never know who might end up really thinking what you’re doing is a good thing and want to support you.
  4. Don’t lose hope. The last week of my campaign I still had 900 or so dollars to go. I kept thinking it would be such a waste if I fall short a couple hundred dollars. People kept telling me they were waiting until the end to see how much they wanted to give and that drove me nuts! Patience really is key here. The middle of any campaign is the slowest, the end is where you see the real push. And it pays off.
  5. Keep your backers in the loop. Something I’ve been trying to keep up with is letting everyone know updates on where their rewards are. I can’t bake over 60 dozen cookies (that’s 720 cookies!) in one night, package them, write personalized cards, and get them all in the mail in the matter of a couple of days. It takes time, especially when I want everything to be exactly what these people gave me money for. I’m a big fan of perfection because it’s not everyday you get people to believe in you enough to give you some of their hard earned money!
  6. Keep in mind how much Kickstarter takes from you at the end of the campaign. I think it’s 5-10% of your end amount goes to them, which for me ended up not being a huge loss, but I can imagine it being a shock if you don’t realize this is a thing.

Anyways, this week I’m super busy with the Beer and Cookie Pairing at Zuni Street Brewing, planning another beer and cookie pairing with Ratio Beerworks, delivering cookies to accounts, ordering stickers, baking Kickstarter rewards and writing out cards. Just to name a few things that are keeping me busy this week ūüėČ

Have an amazing week everyone!


If you pay attention to me on social media at all you are already aware that Good Sugar Baking’s Kickstarter has been funded!!! What a great time that was. I’m so pumped to get this all going, especially after such an amazing weekend!

I actually found out my project was funded as I was walking out the door to go get on a plane to Memphis. Now try and tell me what makes for a better start of a trip than finding out something you’ve been busting your butt with has been funded!

So I got to Memphis, met up with two of my very best friends, and the rest is history. Or as someone did tell us, “Memphis is like Vegas. What happens in Memphis stays in Memphis.” But really, between going to the zoo, seeing my favorite band, eating amazing food, drinking amazing drinks (not really, it’s all just Beale St Big Ass Beers and whiskey) and spending time being irresponsible before I have to be SUPER responsible…I kind of don’t really want to get to work because of how much fun I had.

But I’m doing it.

And it’s all YOUR FAULT.

Thank you. I can’t wait to put together everyone’s Kickstarter rewards!

One Last Kickstarter Push!

Good Sugar Baking has¬†the smallest amount of time left on the¬†Kickstarter and it’s SO CLOSE. Who wants to be the one to help me reach my goal?!?! A lot of you have helped significantly so far, and if you’ve already given some money I’d love it if you just continued to tell people about the Kickstarter.

Here’s the link: Good Sugar Baking’s Kickstarter

I’m about to get on a plane to go to Memphis for Lucero’s block party (maybe my favorite band) with two of my very best friends. I want to make sure this trip is THE BEST EVER because of your help in reaching my Kickstarter goal.¬†After texting, calling, emailing, social media-ing and probably annoying everyone I know, let’s see if we can pull together enough money to get Good Sugar Baking off the ground and into your hands!

Remember that a percentage of every sale goes to a nonprofit, how cool is that?! I’m planning to partner up with some very great nonprofits that could use any amount of money thrown at them.

If you have any questions about what I’m doing, call me! Text me! Email me! Stalk me on Facebook! Do anything you have to so I can answer all of your questions to ensure you that your money is going to a good thing. I promise I’m not spending any of the money I raise to anything other than Good Sugar Baking. Ingredients, equipment, start up fees, marketing and the bajillion of other things that go into starting a business.

Thank you so much for all of your help! Thank you to all of my friends who tirelessly listened to my concerns about not getting the funding, who constantly shared my posts and who came out to try my cookies. I’ve loved spending time with every single one of you!!

Wait. Do you need the Kickstarter link again?! Here you go: Kickstarter!

BY THE WAY…. Happy 4/20! What better than some cookies when you have the munchies?!

One week to go!

Who hasn’t set themselves a goal before and the entire time been frantic about reaching that goal? That’s me right now. Kickstarter is such a cool crowdfunding tool, I love it, and it’s so easy to use but it takes so much work. Not only have I been annoying my friends to share my Kickstarter with everyone they know, but I have reached out to bloggers, used social media outlets and have been handing out cookie samples for a few weeks now.

And here we are. Down to one week. With $1300 still to raise, I really hope I make it! Here’s the link, in case you forgot it: Good Sugar baking Kickstarter. I’ve been told the middle of a Kickstarter always sees little movement and then a good push towards the end, and my fingers are crossed! So what am I doing to help reach my goal?

Tomorrow I am going to 38 State Brewing for an 80’s themed party. I will be handing out cookies (there’s even an 80’s themed cookie!), dressed up in 80’s attire and dancing to 80’s music with my good friends The Dollhouse Thieves. I encourage all of you to come; not only will the music be great, but the cookies are delicious AND this brewery makes exceptional beer! They just won 3 three medals at the Denver International Beer Competition.

Next Tuesday, April 18th I am doing a beer and cookie pairing with Zuni Street Brewing. What a great way to try some beer, eat some cookies and hang out on a Tuesday evening! Please come hang out with me before I head off to Memphis for a weekend away.

The Kickstarter ends Friday, April 21st. Please continue to share with your friends and family!!

Happy April!

2017 feels much like a train, chugging along and catching speed. Here’s to hoping nothing gets in the way!!

April is a very exciting month for Good Sugar Baking. Not only are we gaining backers on Kickstarter, ¬†but I’m almost complete with a Wholesale License, packaging labels, a NEW cookie (thinking Summertime deliciousness) and have some other exciting things going on.

Let’s talk about Kickstarter. At this point I’ve been reaching out to bloggers, friends, family, strangers, everyone to share my Kickstarter project with everyone. So far so good but it’s making me anxious to be moving so slowly right now (which everyone has warned me about). Kickstarter is a pretty cool thing except for charging shipping to everyone, especially those that live in Denver, but otherwise it’s a cool platform. I can see why so many people have been successful with it. It’s also odd to see so many projects with 0% funded. Did those people just say screw it? Oh well.

Getting a wholesale license isn’t too difficult, it’s just putting money into it that is a bother. You also have to have a space to work out of before you even apply for a license, but I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who is really happy to work with me on this project.

Packaging labels are a bitch, kind of. I really enjoy designing but I’m no pro, so we’ll see how this first round turns out. Just meeting the baked goods label requirements makes for a less exciting label.

Cookies-7910As for a new cookie goes, who doesn’t love root beer floats in the summer time?! I finally came up with a really good recipe that will leave the flavor of a root beer float in your mouth for the entire summer!! It’s so good, I can’t wait to share it with so many people. Do you have any Fall cookie suggestions? I’m thinking brown sugar chocolate cookie delightfulness… but we’ll see.

I’m still continuously thankful for everyone’s support. Go ahead and share that Kickstarter one more time…or ten:¬†http://kck.st/2o5sqJu


Kickstarter Kick-off!

So I launched my Kickstarter yesterday: Good Sugar Baking: Baking That Gives Back to Nonprofits. I put a lot of time and effort into making this project really fun and hopefully successful. With 20% backed so far, I’m confident that I can get the amount I need to get going, but I need everyone’s help! Please share the Kickstarter with everyone you know. Talk about my cookies. If you want to try my cookies, seriously, shout out to me and I’ll get some your way!!


Yesterday’s event was a huge success in my mind. I ran out of cookies after a little over two hours, and a majority of them went to people who had no idea what I was doing so I was able to talk about the bakery, what my goals are and I received very positive feedback on the cookies! Thanks to @keeganator for the high quality photos that he provided me with!! Huge shout out to Zuni Street Brewing for letting me pair my cookies with their beer, it seemed like everyone had a great time!


I plan on having more pop-up cookie events around Denver. This way people can come out and try the cookies before they give their hard earned money away. If you have any ideas for more outreach, I’d love to hear them!!

One last thing. It’s National Puppy Day!!Cookies-8017

When a small idea because a massive idea

What do you do with those great ideas that started off small? Good Sugar Baking started as a small concept: I would bake out of my home and sell directly to consumers, who would most likely be my friends and family. That’s all. Even though I’m still going to make sure my friends and family always have cookies up to their ears, I’m reaching for much more. I’m still unsure of how it’ll all work out, but I’ve discovered that anytime I’ve had a good idea and went with it I had a completely amazing time and never regretted it.

I’m a day away from launching my Kickstarter project, which I’m really excited about, proud of and 100% nervous. After getting good feedback from people and putting in a lot of time and effort, I’m really looking forward to seeing how well this Kickstarter project works out. I’m confident what I’m doing is a cool thing and really hope other people see that too!

It’s crazy how things work out. I grew up baking cookies, found myself frequently baking when I was upset, mad, happy, any other kind of feeling (really) and now here I am trying to turn baking into my career. For some reason that I can’t really pin down, I think this idea might be the one that goes all the way. Everyone keeps asking what my goals are in the future; will I franchise Good Sugar, open a brick and mortar, etc. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. I didn’t know that I would find a kitchen to work out of that’s also going to sell my cookies or that I would be applying for a wholesale license with buyers already signed up.

Although I don’t know much right now, I do know that I wouldn’t have this kind of confidence and determination if it wasn’t for the people around me continuously telling me how great everything I’m doing is. I’ll write a million blogs if it means I always get to acknowledge and thank the ones I love the most.


Partnering with the good

Throughout the process of starting a small business I’ve come to realize that a lot of my friends are doing side projects that are really impressive. Nobody seems to talk about these things until all of a sudden it’s something that you could really use.

For instance, my good friend Nick has a production company, Loxodonta Productions. I have been aware of this since I’ve known him for the past three or so years, but I’ve never thought “man, I could really use a solid production company right now,” until I decided to do a Kickstarter project for Good Sugar Baking. Sure enough, Nick was the first person that I thought of because I knew that to be successful with Kickstarter you need to have a video.

Nick has an incredible background in film, from watching films and critiquing them to owning the equipment necessary to shoot some pretty cool stuff. I had helped him and his business partner with some marketing and SEO tips, hopefully benefitting them in some sort of way. So, when I texted Nick to ask if he’d be interested in helping me create a video for Kickstarter and other promotional events, he seemed excited and willing to help! I’ve always had an issue with asking people for help, especially when I can’t pay them what they’re worth, so it took some courage but I’m so glad I did it!! I’m sure Nick’s looking forward to some beer, cookies and shout outs coming his way too.

I’ve seen Loxodonta Productions release some amazing stuff and I’m excited to continue to watch them grow. My Kickstarter video is exactly what I was looking for and it was so fun to spend a morning surrounded by friends that wanted to help Good Sugar Baking!

I strongly encourage anybody that is looking for great production skills to reach out to Nick and Loxodonta Productions. Stay tuned for my Kickstarter video that will be released March 22nd! For those able to make it to the Kickstarter Kick-off Party, Good Sugar Baking is going to have plenty of treats for you!!

Kickstarter Kick-off Event March 22nd

Great news, everyone!! Good Sugar Baking is going to throw another super fun party. So if you missed the first one where we had live music and tried some cookies, this is your second chance!! Wednesday, March 22nd from 6pm-9pm(ish) I will be at Zuni Street Brewing with a ton of cookies for you to try.

Not only do you get to try some Good Sugar Baking cookies, but you get to try some new beers from Zuni Street Brewing! These guys have been working their butt’s off to open this brewery and it has truly paid off. The beers are incredibly tasty, the atmosphere is outstanding and it’s such a welcoming place. I’m happy to be a part of the Zuni Street team.

I will be at Zuni Street all night talking about the Kickstarter project, the cookies, what I’m planning to do with the money raised and maybe even kick some ass at cornhole. What do you guys think about having a cornhole tournament?! Hmmm…

Make sure you RSVP to the event: Kickstarter Kick-off Event

Finding a place to bake

Isn’t easy, turns out. Well it is if you just have the money laying around to give to kitchen spaces. Or if you just happen to know someone that wants to let you bake out of their kitchen, like a restaurant or other bakery. I don’t have those things though.

I decided to go the commissary kitchen route because it’s the easiest way to avoid working too closely with the city. I mean, the city is pretty great to work with for the most part, but it’s time consuming and I really don’t know the first thing when it comes to fire codes and basically other building things. I know all about kitchen safety, health safety and all those shenanigans but I’ve never had to operate or manage the fire codes and building requirements part of a business. I’ll learn that all when the time comes and I’m excited for it, but right now just going the easy route seems the best way.

Hence a Kickstarter project. Which will launch….TBD. You’ll know about it because I’ll make sure you know about it!

A lot of great things are happening in¬†the next month. Launching Kickstarter, trying new recipes (peanut butter captain crunch cookies?!), dog treats and even potentially marijuana cookies. We’ll see! Watch out! It’s all happening soon.