National Pet Day!

I think almost everyone in Colorado has a pet or two. It’s easy to have them when so many places are pet friendly. The other day I ran into a group of people out and about with their two dogs and super fluffy cat. Although I would never take my cat out in public, how cool is that?! So National Pet Day doesn’t really mean much to a lot of people because every day is basically National Pet Day. Yet it’s always fun to share stories about how you got your pet, what weird things they do, what your ideal breed is, etc.

I’ve had my cat for eight years. He’s fat, fluffy and super friendly. Everyone that has met my cat will tell you that he’s a really cool guy even though it might take him ten minutes to make his way over to you to say hi. I’ve had him since he was a tiny kitten and have experienced some really random and great things with him, from moving from Fargo to Denver with him on my lap the entire drive to finding him trapped in the fridge having no idea how he got there.

Then there’s my dog. I’ve had him a little over a year now and he’s a damn handful, but I love it! From him grunting when he wants to go outside to turning into a real cuddle buddy, it has been a joy to watch him grow up and gain personality. Now if I could get him to stop trying to give me paw every second he gets that’d be great!

Make sure you celebrate National Pet Day alongside your pet. Take them to their favorite park, give them their favorite treat, do something! Stop by Zuni Street Brewing and give them a spent grain dog treat that I made. Don’t have a pet? Adopt one, they’re great! Happy National Pet Day!!

Dog treats for the win!

So, seeing as how the first partnered nonprofit for Good Sugar Baking helps dogs find their forever homes, I figured I might as well bake some doggie treats to eventually sell. It’s awesome because a majority of the dogs I know aren’t picky, so you can really use as few as three ingredients to bake some pretty delicious treats for your friends.

I’m going to use spent grain from Zuni Street Brewing (grand opening is Wednesday, March 8th!!) to craft these dog treats. I’ve noticed that a lot of people have different restrictions when it comes to what their dog eats, so I have taken into consideration common dog allergies and diet issues to make the best quality dog treats. You will soon be able to get some from Zuni Street Brewing and eventually other places around Denver.

What kind of dietary restrictions do you look for when you’re searching for the perfect dog treat? Are there any brands that you absolutely will not buy? What are some of your favorite dog treats and where do you find them??