Why Chill Dough?

I think I will always be impatient when it comes to chilling dough before baking, and it’s something that I rush and immediately regret. Do you ever chill your cookie dough before you bake? Have you noticed the difference between chilled dough and room temp dough when you bake cookies?


For me, when I’m super impatient and don’t let the dough chill properly the cookies end up looking funky and misshapen. Which is kind of alright when you’re making homemade cookies anyways, but this can cause cookies to bleed into each other as well.

When you chill dough, the flour is able to absorb liquids evenly and it firms up the fat. It’s also just harder to work with as it can be sticky and hard to form into whatever shape you’re looking for.

So how long do you chill dough for? My rule is at least 30 minutes but if you’re patient enough go for an hour. The longer you let it chill for, the darker the cookie will get and the flavor will come out even more.

Next time you’re using any sort of cookie dough, try chilling it in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to see the difference in the cookie. You’ll be impressed!