Baking Tip: Butter, wtf?!

Have you ever had an issue with your baked goods and weren’t sure what went wrong? Whether they flattened out, burned on the bottom or whatever the issue was, one of the likely culprits is butter. Butter can be a real mess sometimes. Here are some tips when baking with butter (which is almost everything you bake, ya know):


  1. Use unsalted butter instead of salted butter. Salted butter varies between every manufacturer with how much salt is actually in that butter. Unsalted butter helps you regulate the amount of salt that is going into your baked goods. Nobody wants an overly salted cookie!
  2. Butter temperature matters. A majority of the time when you’re baking you want to use room temperature butter. Butter at room temp makes it easy to combine all of the ingredients so that it doesn’t end up falling apart.
  3. Why butter instead of margarine? Especially with cookies, unsalted butter is going to provide a richer flavor than margarine. Margarine will make your cookies flatten out and burn quicker. So just forget margarine is a thing when it comes to baking cookies.
  4. Not sure when to add butter to cookies? Typically butter is added with the sugar in the beginning steps of cookie dough so that you can combine the sugar and butter to give it a consistent base.

What issues have you experienced with butter? Do you have any other tips to add when it comes to using butter in baking?