Baking with Bananas

Banana bread is delicious, right? I love it. My mom always bakes banana bread with chocolate chips in them and it’s always so amazing. Recently, I had some bananas that seriously needed to be used (I’m really picky when it comes to eating bananas – they have to be absolutely perfect so they basically are only good to eat by themselves for an hour out of their whole banana lives) and I thought I would make banana bread but THEN!!! I thought I should bake banana bread cookies. Which turned into banana cookies. Which then turned into banana cream pie cookies. Which lead to one of the greatest cookies that I’ve made so far. Introducing the Banana Cream Cookie.


It’s incredible. Using bananas mashed up instead of eggs, this cookie is healthier for you and it tastes amazing. You can ask my friends, I made a lot of people try it. At first I was skeptical, the cookies don’t look done because bananas don’t provide the same color that eggs provide cookies. The center was very moist and immediately I thought they were undercooked, but it’s just the banana giving it that texture. Once the cookies cooled – and even for days after – the cookies are still soft and have this very strong banana flavor to them.

I’m going to suggest the next time you have bananas laying around that need to be utilized to try baking cookies. Banana is a great alternative to eggs making it vegan-friendly, which is super important these days with all the vegans runnin’ around.

What kind of baking adjustments have you made before? If you had to use banana in a recipe what would you bake?!