New Year, New....You?

WE MADE IT! 2019 is the year, right guys?!? That's what we say every year and every year seems to sway so many different ways it's hard to even know what the next will look like. 

While I've never been super fond of having New Years Resolutions, I strive to become a better person every year and the beginning of a year is a good time to remind yourself of the important things that will help make you a better person. So, what am I doing to be a better person this year? For one, getting back on track with being healthy is a huge priority. Eating healthier, exercising more, avoiding alcohol once in awhile, you know the super fun stuff. I also want to get back into reading again, something that has slipped since college. I want to enjoy more of my time outdoors! It's too easy to get caught up in work, something I've been highly guilty of lately. Can't forget the importance of a personal life, especially when you are running your own business. Travel more. Spend quality time with friends. Try new things. Build the business more. Ugh, the list goes on and on.

Good Sugar Baking is going into its THIRD YEAR. Can you believe it?! I really cannot believe it whatsoever. A year ago I was making plans to have a really great second year and I'd say it was an utter success. I gained new accounts, made more connections, found a really great kitchen to bake out of, and have made so many great friends within the past year. 

I'm still confused that it's 2019 already, but that's alright. One more year, way more opportunities. Happy 2019, beautiful people!


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