Launching a New Website

Well guys. Here we are. We've launched a new website that's much more user friendly than what we had before. It's much easier for you to order your cookies which is probably the best news ever, right?!? You can now schedule a time for pick up/delivery, which has been a hassle to deal with previously so I'm super pumped, personally.

Seeing as how we're super close to getting into 2019, I thought it was fitting to relaunch the website and get back into blogging. Life has been quite hectic as of late, what with the holidays, throwing so many events, coming up with new promotions, working with new accounts, and that's just on the business side of things. 

What can you expect from Good Sugar Baking in 2019? That's a good question, let me know when you find out so I can be in the loop too. ;) To start off, we have started to build an awesome relationship with Sweet Action, a local ice cream shop that will be using our cookies for their ice cream sandwiches! We're super excited as this is our first BIG account. This is one step towards adding more wholesale accounts. 

That being said, I'm working on rebranding our packaging too. It's a lot of work, but it's going to look incredible and hopefully get Good Sugar Baking into the hands of bigger companies such as Whole Foods (fingers crossed!!).

2019 also brings a new nonprofit partner. Starting January 1st, we will be partnered with a very local nonprofit that was recommended by a good friend. Feeding Denver's Hungry is a great nonprofit that has a very strong leader behind it. We look forward to doing events with them!

I will also be working on expanding our social media reach. There's always so much that can be done with social media. This also means working on promoting upcoming events better. So, let me know if you start to get annoyed....which is hopefully NOT the case ever!

I'm always looking for new places for Good Sugar Baking to partner up with. Whether it's breweries, wineries, distilleries, craft bars, bars in general, restaurants, nonprofits, you name it. Please reach out if you have any contacts that we should reach out to.

So...what else is there? Well, I'm still listening to the same playlist that I've been listening to for basically the past two years now.. so there really isn't too much else. Make sure you stay up to date with what we're doing on our Facebook and Instagram!....does anyone use Twitter anymore?



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