Cookies are like whiskey

It’s about time I write about whiskey. Everybody’s been waiting for it, I’m sure. I thought about it, you guys. Whiskey + cookies… they’re basically the same thing. Here’s why:

  1. Although cookies grow old, if you let dough sit it gets better. Now I don’t mean leave your dough on the counter and it’s just going to get some amazing “aged” flavor. Actually, it will definitely have an aged flavor, but it won’t be good. However, some cookies require the dough to sit in the fridge, covered, for a longer time. Chilling dough solidifies the fat so your cookies don’t completely flatten out. Chill away!
  2. Cookies taste great. Whiskey tastes great. They’re just great.

Well. That’s it. It turns out whiskey and cookies don’t have that much in common except that they’re great together.

I just kinda wanted to give you a sneak peak to a new cookie…


I’m not telling you what it is though. You have to come to the Beer and Cookie pairing THIS WEDNESDAY!

What does “shopping local” mean to you?

Colorado is huge when it comes to shopping local. Buy your food at a natural grocery store, eat at a food to table restaurant, adopt from a local shelter, etc. I’ve always wanted to do all those things because it helps support small businesses and it’s typically better for you in the long run, even if it’s a little more costly. I love supporting local businesses.

Everything I do with Good Sugar Baking has been well thought out with local small businesses in mind. Sometimes it makes sense, but sometimes it just costs too much money and unfortunately as a startup, small business myself I have to consider finances more than I’d like to. I have lucked out with a lot of things though, like having really awesome wooden spatulas made by a good friend of mine, and getting thank you cards made by someone I met when I first moved to Colorado who does some really great design work. I love supporting people I know, especially when they’re doing their own thing as well. We need all the support we can get, so it makes sense to work together!

I’m so glad I’m able to partner with nonprofits that want to support me as well. Next month I have a new featured nonprofit and I’m excited to have the chance to work with them! Stay tuned for who that nonprofit is!!


Tomato cookies

The most unique cookie that I currently bake is a tomato cookie. I have so many people ask me what a tomato cookie is and it’s always way easier to explain than you’d think.

Cookies-7943When I first began developing the tomato cookie I had no idea what to expect. I honestly thought it wouldn’t be very good and I wouldn’t like it. I mean, tomatoes and cookies don’t really go hand in hand. I decided to still try and give it a shot, so I did and I’m so happy with the results. Now, it’s one of my most popular cookies (besides chocolate chip cookies n cream, but who doesn’t love chocolate?!).

So what is a tomato cookie? It’s simple. It’s just pureed tomato added into a dough that consists a lot of brown sugar and cinnamon. It has the texture of carrot cake with some earthy flavors to it. I add a vanilla frosting on top to add some more sweetness to it. It’s a great cookie if you’re looking for something unique and fun at your parties!

I’ve had a lot of fun trying new cookies every month. Sometimes they turn out perfectly and sometimes they’re something I’ll probably never make again. If you have any unique cookie ideas send them my way!

June Events!

In case you were wondering, June is a fantastic month! Everybody seems to be in a great mood lately and it’s probably because summer is here and we all love summer. Swimming, camping, hiking, climbing, patio drinks, picnics, park days, dog parks and so much more! I’m determined to make it to one Jazz in the park event this year since it’s been five years that I have yet to make it to a single Sunday jazz night!! Ridiculous.

Anyways, Good Sugar Baking has quite a few events coming up.

Starting with this Friday! New Kids on the Block beer festival is SO MUCH FUN. I went the first year and it was a great experience trying a ton of beer, dancing to 80’s music and hanging out with good people. I’ll be there supporting Good Sugar Baking with cookie samples that pair perfectly with so many of the beers that will be pouring there.

Then, June 21st I have a beer and cookie pairing at Zuni Street Brewing. This time will be different with a new format for getting the beer and cookies and there might even be a whole new cookie for you to try! We’ll see 😉 These guys have been great to me for helping me out, letting me sell cookies and helping me get my brand out there. I’m ever so happy to be able to do this pairing monthly!

Party at Pasty.jpg

Shortly after, on June 25th I’m throwing a Cookies, Pasties and Ice Cream Party. Pasty Republic has been so kind in letting me bake out of their kitchen, so I’m hoping this event promotes them as well! You will be able to build your own ice cream sandwiches, enjoy tasty pasties (they’re meat pies and they are delicious!) and try some of Good Sugar Baking’s cookies! It’s perfect because it’s a great Sunday afternoon event and there’s a park right across the street for you to enjoy all the goodies.

Don’t forget Father’s Day is coming up June 18th! Cookies are great for your papa 🙂

Celebrating five years in Colorado

I made it! Five of my most glorious years have been spent in this beautiful state. I have always said it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and that’s still true to this day. There’s nothing I regret about moving to Colorado. Sure, if I would have known Boulder is not the town for me I would not have started there, but that only lasted a few months anyways and I sure did learn from that experience.

It’s really a challenge to do something completely new. It’s hard to get me into a raft, but once you do I’m having a blast. I’m definitely someone who is hesitant about new things and I try really hard to think of every possible thing that could happen, good or bad, and determine whether I think it’s worth it or not.

So five years ago, on June 1st, I packed up my tiny Kia Rio with my parents in tow and my cat meowing nonstop on my lap and drove from Coon Rapids, Minnesota to Boulder, Colorado. It was not easy. I planned on moving right after I graduated college and settled on Colorado for the beer, outstanding climate and the many opportunities I could pursue with my career. I found a roommate on Craigslist, a guy who needed a roommate (no lease, SUPER CHEAP rent) and searched for jobs. That guy turned out to be a Bud Light drinking weirdo who sat at home every night watching his high school basketball videos. I decided that not only was he not the roommate I was looking for, but I couldn’t tolerate how hard it was to find a job in Boulder or how pretentious the people were. So I got a job and moved to Golden.

The rest is history. I’ve had multiple jobs, too many relationship failures, eight different addresses and even more amazing memories. I’ve made best friends. I’ve started an amazing small business. I’ve raised an amazing dog, gone to unforgettable concerts, ate amazing food, had plenty of rooftop cocktails, swam in rivers, hiked mountains, camped with wildlife. I know what festivals are worthy of your time, where to get the best views of Denver and where to avoid rattlesnakes.

Five years doesn’t seem like a long time until you think of everything you have accomplished. I’m so proud of myself. Take a moment to think of your life and what you have accomplished. Be proud of yourself.

Finding a place to bake

One of the most common questions I get is people asking me where I bake. Most people seem to assume I bake out of my home, which was the case at the very beginning when I was sampling out cookies, but I have moved my production over to a place that has more than one oven, a giant mixer, space for more bulk ingredients and just more space in general. It’s also illegal to sell any kind of cooked or baked product that you produce in your home in Colorado ( I did a lot of research on this because I figured baking out of my home is the cheapest option). Not to mention I have two animals running around and I don’t want anyone to get a furball cookie.

So where do I bake out of?

I looked at commissaries because that seems like a good go-to for a lot of food trucks and carts. That was pretty expensive, you never know how much space you’ll get to use that day and there are people running around all the time. I wanted to be able to play my crappy punk music, bake all the cookies and have a good time without being in anybody’s way.

Luckily, at my last job I managed the food trucks and made some pretty great contacts. When someone that I had worked with in the past came in to check out the new brewery, I told him what I was doing and he said, “why don’t you use our kitchen?” I totally forgot that their food truck also had a brick and mortar! Of course I wanted to know more, so we started talking, came up with a good deal and that’s where I’m at! The brick and mortar (and food truck) is called Pasty Republic. They have a pretty cool thing going on and they also run a couple of different food trucks. This provides me with a lot of opportunity for room and growth, while being affordable, and the people I work with are amazing!

Sometimes you might think what you’re doing is never going to work out. But when that happens, someone might be right around the corner waiting to help you out. That’s what happened with me, whether it’s luck or just being by kind people, I’m okay with it.

Happy Memorial Day, folks. While you’re out BBQing and whatnots I’m pouring all of your beers. Be kind to the service industry, not everybody gets holidays off!

Catering Cookies!

I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how great Good Sugar Baking’s cookies would be for their company events, holidays, graduations, etc. It was already in the works to have catering as an option because it is such an easy and great way to provide sweets for a large amount of people so I’m excited to know that other people feel the same way.

Doing a lot of research has provided me with great price points for catering events, making sure to include the percentage that goes to nonprofits every time. It’s a fun challenge to come up with prices for my baked goods. I really would love to charge the least amount possible because, to me, it’s about providing something enjoyable while giving back to others, but that’s not realistic when it comes to owning a business. Bummer! Nonetheless, I think all of my pricing is affordable and I’m not asking for some ridiculous price.


The fun thing with catering is a lot of the times you can be flexible. I have an order next week that includes gluten free cookies and they told me to do whatever I’d like with them, which I’m excited about because I’m still messing around with gluten free recipes.

If you’re interested in some catering for an upcoming event (please give me plenty of notice, especially if it’s a giant order!), you can reach me at or I just launched a new page on this site to help you out!! Check it out: Let’s Get Cookies!