What I learned from Kickstarter

Crowdfunding is a wonderful tool. I’ve seen so many become successful with their business because of Kickstarter and I’ve also seen people be able to pay their medical bills with Go Fund Me and other sources like that. It’s great how much these websites can help people out and I’m really grateful for them! Here are some things I learned from utilizing Kickstarter:

  1. Don’t worry about annoying people. This is something I did for the entire month that my campaign ran. Everytime I said, “hey check out my Kickstarter!” I thought eventually someone would be like “alright enough of that, shut up.” I never got that kind of response though. So many people were happy to check out what I was trying to get money for. A really well done video helps intrigue people too. Thanks, Loxodonta Productions!
  2. Plan events during your Kickstarter to promote the project. Having beer and cookie pairings and going to different locations to sample out cookies helped! Each event I gained a couple more pledges towards my Kickstarter (every dollar seriously does count) and my product got so much attention all around.
  3. Look high and low for people that might want to give you money. I reached out to other baker’s blogs, food trucks, breweries, cafes, friends that I lost touch with, teachers, family, everyone. You never know who might end up really thinking what you’re doing is a good thing and want to support you.
  4. Don’t lose hope. The last week of my campaign I still had 900 or so dollars to go. I kept thinking it would be such a waste if I fall short a couple hundred dollars. People kept telling me they were waiting until the end to see how much they wanted to give and that drove me nuts! Patience really is key here. The middle of any campaign is the slowest, the end is where you see the real push. And it pays off.
  5. Keep your backers in the loop. Something I’ve been trying to keep up with is letting everyone know updates on where their rewards are. I can’t bake over 60 dozen cookies (that’s 720 cookies!) in one night, package them, write personalized cards, and get them all in the mail in the matter of a couple of days. It takes time, especially when I want everything to be exactly what these people gave me money for. I’m a big fan of perfection because it’s not everyday you get people to believe in you enough to give you some of their hard earned money!
  6. Keep in mind how much Kickstarter takes from you at the end of the campaign. I think it’s 5-10% of your end amount goes to them, which for me ended up not being a huge loss, but I can imagine it being a shock if you don’t realize this is a thing.

Anyways, this week I’m super busy with the Beer and Cookie Pairing at Zuni Street Brewing, planning another beer and cookie pairing with Ratio Beerworks, delivering cookies to accounts, ordering stickers, baking Kickstarter rewards and writing out cards. Just to name a few things that are keeping me busy this week 😉

Have an amazing week everyone!

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