One Last Kickstarter Push!

Good Sugar Baking has the smallest amount of time left on the Kickstarter and it’s SO CLOSE. Who wants to be the one to help me reach my goal?!?! A lot of you have helped significantly so far, and if you’ve already given some money I’d love it if you just continued to tell people about the Kickstarter.

Here’s the link: Good Sugar Baking’s Kickstarter

I’m about to get on a plane to go to Memphis for Lucero’s block party (maybe my favorite band) with two of my very best friends. I want to make sure this trip is THE BEST EVER because of your help in reaching my Kickstarter goal. After texting, calling, emailing, social media-ing and probably annoying everyone I know, let’s see if we can pull together enough money to get Good Sugar Baking off the ground and into your hands!

Remember that a percentage of every sale goes to a nonprofit, how cool is that?! I’m planning to partner up with some very great nonprofits that could use any amount of money thrown at them.

If you have any questions about what I’m doing, call me! Text me! Email me! Stalk me on Facebook! Do anything you have to so I can answer all of your questions to ensure you that your money is going to a good thing. I promise I’m not spending any of the money I raise to anything other than Good Sugar Baking. Ingredients, equipment, start up fees, marketing and the bajillion of other things that go into starting a business.

Thank you so much for all of your help! Thank you to all of my friends who tirelessly listened to my concerns about not getting the funding, who constantly shared my posts and who came out to try my cookies. I’ve loved spending time with every single one of you!!

Wait. Do you need the Kickstarter link again?! Here you go: Kickstarter!

BY THE WAY…. Happy 4/20! What better than some cookies when you have the munchies?!

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