Creating Cookie Labels

It’s not easy creating cookie labels, if you didn’t know. I didn’t know there were specific label requirements until someone told me, I also didn’t know how expensive these labels would be. Although they’re SO close to being done and I’m ready to finalize all of my initial packaging, cookie labels have still been a huge hassle for me. I like designing but I’m no pro, so we’ll see how these turn out and how well they catch people’s attention.

First off, what makes a good design? Eye-popping, making it obvious what it is the person is buying and providing all of the necessary information. Calories in a cookie? Ugh, like I wanted to know all of the calories I have been consuming just from a single cookie. But a cookie is a cookie, I’m not eating it because it’s good for me!


Everything that you do when it comes to labeling anything costs you money!!

Then there’s also the question of who do you use to print these labels? They’re not cheap. At all. Around 250 labels can cost at least 70 dollars and with 4 different kinds of cookies, it really adds up quickly.

Not to mention the website tool that I’ve used to put together the ingredients part of the label. That costs money too, of course! However, it is incredibly helpful because otherwise I would have no idea how to put together a list of the ingredients.

Does anybody have any label tips to make it more affordable? Let me know!

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