One week to go!

Who hasn’t set themselves a goal before and the entire time been frantic about reaching that goal? That’s me right now. Kickstarter is such a cool crowdfunding tool, I love it, and it’s so easy to use but it takes so much work. Not only have I been annoying my friends to share my Kickstarter with everyone they know, but I have reached out to bloggers, used social media outlets and have been handing out cookie samples for a few weeks now.

And here we are. Down to one week. With $1300 still to raise, I really hope I make it! Here’s the link, in case you forgot it: Good Sugar baking Kickstarter. I’ve been told the middle of a Kickstarter always sees little movement and then a good push towards the end, and my fingers are crossed! So what am I doing to help reach my goal?

Tomorrow I am going to 38 State Brewing for an 80’s themed party. I will be handing out cookies (there’s even an 80’s themed cookie!), dressed up in 80’s attire and dancing to 80’s music with my good friends The Dollhouse Thieves. I encourage all of you to come; not only will the music be great, but the cookies are delicious AND this brewery makes exceptional beer! They just won 3 three medals at the Denver International Beer Competition.

Next Tuesday, April 18th I am doing a beer and cookie pairing with Zuni Street Brewing. What a great way to try some beer, eat some cookies and hang out on a Tuesday evening! Please come hang out with me before I head off to Memphis for a weekend away.

The Kickstarter ends Friday, April 21st. Please continue to share with your friends and family!!

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