Pairing Beer with Cookies

You know how there are beer snobs, wine snobs, whiskey snobs, weed snobs and a million other silly snobs in the world? I’ve been called a beer snob a time or two and yet I’ve never considered myself a beer snob, but maybe that’s something that snobs always do. One thing I have always been “snobbish” about is pairing things with things. Like food and beer. So lately I’ve been trying to pair cookies with beer and it has been SUPER fun.

Like the banana cream cookie. So much banana, so much flavor, so much cookie. You put that together with a nice Belgian style beer and it’s even more banana, flavor and cookie. I think anyone that has tried my banana cream cookie paired with a Belgian beer could agree. Alright, beer snobs, I know you’re thinking, “but what KIND of Belgian?! There are so many!!” You’re right. Those Belgians sure do like to drink. I’m going to stay vague here and let you enjoy different Belgian styles. So try it, let me know what you think pairs best together.

Here are some beer and cookie pairing tips that I’ll share with you:

  1. Not every chocolate cookie pairs amazingly with a porter.
  2. IPA’s are not a cookie’s best friend.
  3. Dunking your cookie into your beer isn’t like dunking oreos in milk. Actually, nothing is like dunking oreos in milk.
  4. If you do try to dunk your cookie into your beer, it will fall apart if you keep it in there too long.
  5. Opposites attract with cookies. Try something you normally wouldn’t try. Pair that chocolate macadamia nut cookie with a raspberry sour.

To be honest with you though, I didn’t try pairing any cookies with any Coors or Budweiser. There’s something that just seems off about trying to pair a peanut butter cookie with a Miller High Life.

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