Happy April!

2017 feels much like a train, chugging along and catching speed. Here’s to hoping nothing gets in the way!!

April is a very exciting month for Good Sugar Baking. Not only are we gaining backers on Kickstarter,  but I’m almost complete with a Wholesale License, packaging labels, a NEW cookie (thinking Summertime deliciousness) and have some other exciting things going on.

Let’s talk about Kickstarter. At this point I’ve been reaching out to bloggers, friends, family, strangers, everyone to share my Kickstarter project with everyone. So far so good but it’s making me anxious to be moving so slowly right now (which everyone has warned me about). Kickstarter is a pretty cool thing except for charging shipping to everyone, especially those that live in Denver, but otherwise it’s a cool platform. I can see why so many people have been successful with it. It’s also odd to see so many projects with 0% funded. Did those people just say screw it? Oh well.

Getting a wholesale license isn’t too difficult, it’s just putting money into it that is a bother. You also have to have a space to work out of before you even apply for a license, but I’ve been lucky enough to find someone who is really happy to work with me on this project.

Packaging labels are a bitch, kind of. I really enjoy designing but I’m no pro, so we’ll see how this first round turns out. Just meeting the baked goods label requirements makes for a less exciting label.

Cookies-7910As for a new cookie goes, who doesn’t love root beer floats in the summer time?! I finally came up with a really good recipe that will leave the flavor of a root beer float in your mouth for the entire summer!! It’s so good, I can’t wait to share it with so many people. Do you have any Fall cookie suggestions? I’m thinking brown sugar chocolate cookie delightfulness… but we’ll see.

I’m still continuously thankful for everyone’s support. Go ahead and share that Kickstarter one more time…or ten: http://kck.st/2o5sqJu


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