Kickstarter Kick-off!

So I launched my Kickstarter yesterday: Good Sugar Baking: Baking That Gives Back to Nonprofits. I put a lot of time and effort into making this project really fun and hopefully successful. With 20% backed so far, I’m confident that I can get the amount I need to get going, but I need everyone’s help! Please share the Kickstarter with everyone you know. Talk about my cookies. If you want to try my cookies, seriously, shout out to me and I’ll get some your way!!


Yesterday’s event was a huge success in my mind. I ran out of cookies after a little over two hours, and a majority of them went to people who had no idea what I was doing so I was able to talk about the bakery, what my goals are and I received very positive feedback on the cookies! Thanks to @keeganator for the high quality photos that he provided me with!! Huge shout out to Zuni Street Brewing for letting me pair my cookies with their beer, it seemed like everyone had a great time!


I plan on having more pop-up cookie events around Denver. This way people can come out and try the cookies before they give their hard earned money away. If you have any ideas for more outreach, I’d love to hear them!!

One last thing. It’s National Puppy Day!!Cookies-8017

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