When a small idea because a massive idea

What do you do with those great ideas that started off small? Good Sugar Baking started as a small concept: I would bake out of my home and sell directly to consumers, who would most likely be my friends and family. That’s all. Even though I’m still going to make sure my friends and family always have cookies up to their ears, I’m reaching for much more. I’m still unsure of how it’ll all work out, but I’ve discovered that anytime I’ve had a good idea and went with it I had a completely amazing time and never regretted it.

I’m a day away from launching my Kickstarter project, which I’m really excited about, proud of and 100% nervous. After getting good feedback from people and putting in a lot of time and effort, I’m really looking forward to seeing how well this Kickstarter project works out. I’m confident what I’m doing is a cool thing and really hope other people see that too!

It’s crazy how things work out. I grew up baking cookies, found myself frequently baking when I was upset, mad, happy, any other kind of feeling (really) and now here I am trying to turn baking into my career. For some reason that I can’t really pin down, I think this idea might be the one that goes all the way. Everyone keeps asking what my goals are in the future; will I franchise Good Sugar, open a brick and mortar, etc. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do. I didn’t know that I would find a kitchen to work out of that’s also going to sell my cookies or that I would be applying for a wholesale license with buyers already signed up.

Although I don’t know much right now, I do know that I wouldn’t have this kind of confidence and determination if it wasn’t for the people around me continuously telling me how great everything I’m doing is. I’ll write a million blogs if it means I always get to acknowledge and thank the ones I love the most.


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