Finding a place to bake

Isn’t easy, turns out. Well it is if you just have the money laying around to give to kitchen spaces. Or if you just happen to know someone that wants to let you bake out of their kitchen, like a restaurant or other bakery. I don’t have those things though.

I decided to go the commissary kitchen route because it’s the easiest way to avoid working too closely with the city. I mean, the city is pretty great to work with for the most part, but it’s time consuming and I really don’t know the first thing when it comes to fire codes and basically other building things. I know all about kitchen safety, health safety and all those shenanigans but I’ve never had to operate or manage the fire codes and building requirements part of a business. I’ll learn that all when the time comes and I’m excited for it, but right now just going the easy route seems the best way.

Hence a Kickstarter project. Which will launch….TBD. You’ll know about it because I’ll make sure you know about it!

A lot of great things are happening in the next month. Launching Kickstarter, trying new recipes (peanut butter captain crunch cookies?!), dog treats and even potentially marijuana cookies. We’ll see! Watch out! It’s all happening soon.

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