Let’s Party!

After previously debating whether Kickstarter was a good or bad idea, I came to the conclusion that it’s probably a great idea. That being said, let’s party!! Check it out:

Party for a Kickstarter Video!

February 19th, Good Sugar Baking is throwing a party at Ratio Beerworks to create a video for the Kickstarter page. There will be live music by my good friends, The Dollhouse Thieves, samples of cookies, and beer from Ratio. I’m really excited to be able to include my friends in this video. I’ve been going to Ratio for awhile because of their delicious beer, dog friendliness and how awesome the entire staff is. The Dollhouse Thieves are a kickass band that I’ve enjoyed hiking with, sharing beers with and dancing to music with. My good friend who has a production company, Loxodonta Productions, is going to make the video spectacular! Oh, AND everyone that comes for the party, thanks in advance for all of the incredible support. We’re definitely going to be very full after cookies and beer!

For anybody that can’t make it whether it’s because you live in Minnesota (damnit, mom and dad!), some other state that won’t let you come to Colorado on the 19th, or you already have plans, please be on the look out for the launch of the Kickstarter! I really do need all the support I can get and every dollar goes a long way! Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to try the cookies out.

P.S. one of the first cookies you’ll get to try at the Kickstarter video event is already a favorite among the people 😉

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