What’s Happening This Month?

Some of you might know that February is Black History Month. Did you know it’s also LGBT History Month, American Heart Month AND National-Bird Feeding Month? I promise I didn’t make that last one up, it really is National Bird-Feeding Month.

So what? You should go feed some birds. For real. Birds are pretty cool. Look at this bird that was in some sort of weird park thing in the Azores (I went there around this time last year, it’s an amazing place!!).


Anyways, what’s Good Sugar Baking up to this chilly month of February? There is a lot going on!!

First off, Good Sugar is going to be preparing for Kickstarter. It’s going to be amazing. We’re going to make a really cool video for it that’s going to support some really good local friends, we’re going to give away cookies, drink beer and hang out! SO excited.

Other than that, we’re getting all of our licensing in line and we found a commissary that seems promising to bake all of the delicious cookies for you. We will continue to test out different cookies, so really any input would be amazing.

There’s so much to do but this is the time to do it! Thanks to everyone for your continued support and remember, any help you give Good Sugar is more than welcome. Seriously. Especially if it’s accounting, taxes or anything with numbers in general. I’m a creative person, not a math person 😉

Cheers to a fantastic February and great things to come! Be on the look out for more information on Facebook! Don’t forget to feed them birds!

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