The Hardest Part About Baking

….Is not eating all of the cookies.

In all reality, that’s not the hardest part. Becoming efficient, not overmixing the dough, adding the ingredients at the right time and making sure they bake correctly are all difficult things when it comes to baking. Especially at high altitude. However, what is the hardest part?

Adding flour. Flour is the pickiest ingredient in cookies; if you add too much they have a flour, gross texture and rise funky, if you add too little they turn out flat and overly crunchy. If you’re at a higher altitude the amount changes with different baked goods, too.

So how do you overcome the flour challenge??

  1. Don’t overmix. When you overmix dough the gluten is activated which causes a very flat, chewy (in a bad way) and unpleasant cookie. If you enjoy those kinds of cookies, mix away! If you want a fluffy, delicate cookie you should start off hand mixing and mix just enough. Some clumps are okay. IMG_5134.jpg
  2. Too much flour? This causes dry and crumbly cookies. From my experience I’ve added a little more butter to get that perfect dough that isn’t crumbly and dry. You’ll know when you have too much flour and can adjust accordingly from there.
  3. Not enough flour? The easiest way to know when there isn’t enough flour is when your dough is sticky, you can’t form the dough into balls and it’s just difficult to work with. All you have to do is add more flour, but do so in really small amounts so you don’t add too much and you have to be extra careful not to overmix!


What issues do you have with baking and how do you overcome them?

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