What’s in a name?

Good Sugar Baking came about when I was trying to figure out how I could turn my career into something that I perceived as being more successful. To me, success means making me happy, doing what I want to do and continuously looking forward to doing it. I felt stuck at my job. You can ask my boyfriend, he’ll tell you how often I complained about not doing what I really wanted to be doing. I knew that in order for me to be happy and successful I wanted to go after a dream I’ve always had.

I didn’t always want to be baking. I’ve been known to bake from time to time, but not once had I ever said, “my next job I will bake.” Nope, never said that. So why did I decide Good Sugar was the road to my next success story? It comes down to the idea of working for myself and helping others along the way. Sure, I could start a nonprofit. To start a nonprofit you have to have a board of directors and I wasn’t looking to have that kind of team behind me in the beginning. So, for profit it had to be.


However, I still wanted to make sure that whatever I did benefited those around me. I had just baked some cookies and had people tell me just how delicious they were, so digging around some more in my brain for a great idea I thought, “why not sell cookies and give a percentage of the sales to a nonprofit?” Yeah, that sounded pretty neat. So I started baking. I baked batches that looked like a burnt hamburger patty but tasted amazing and I baked batches that looked super fluffy and perfect but tasted like flour. It’s always hit or miss, but I came up with some recipes that I personally love.

I needed a name. When it comes to naming a business, it’s probably one of the most important parts. If you have a poor name, where will that take you? I wanted something that included cookies and giving to others. I googled different words, put together a wide variety of mixed names and none of them worked. Then, I put together “good” and “sugar” and immediately loved it. Someone (thanks, Jake) told me they thought it sounded like a drug, so I added “baking” so that nobody would call me up and ask me how much an eighth of good sugar costs. Whatever, I still like it.

Good Sugar has become a baby to me over this time. I still love the name and I designed a logo that, although I lack design skills, I’m very proud of. I can’t wait until I have made a billion dollars and pay someone to make a logo that’s even better.

For now, everything that Good Sugar Baking produces, whether it’s this blog or website, social media, local events, cookies, anything, it’s all done by me. It’s a one-woman business and it’s going to kick ass. It already does in my mind.

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